Why you Should Adopt a Dog and not Tell Anyone About it.

adopt dog

Dogs are a big responsibility. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that. To no surprise the pounds and shelters are packed with crossbreeds of every kind.

If you have been considering getting a dog, there are many reasons to got for the shelter instead of buying a pure breed.

A Friend or a Token?

dog adoption

Many people get dogs for the wrong reasons. Some, even though they don’t like morning walks, will get a dog just because it’s popular or their neighbor has one. Whatever is the reason, but if you are getting it as a token prize to show off, then of course, an expensive pure breed will be much better for you than a second-hand model.

But if you are looking for a friend to take care for and who will repay you tenfold, get a free dog from a shelter. By having many different dogs to choose from you will be able to pick one that’s much better suited to your lifestyle.

Dogs are not slots. Unless…

Have you ever played a casino game before? Even after a big score on keep what you win spins machine, you are still a bit hesitant to tell your friends about it. Dogs are very similar in that regard. If you get one and can’t tell your friends about it – double check whether it’s really what you want.

But if you can’t wait to spend your days with that pup, you have to hit yourself a canine jackpot.

They are good, healthy boys

dogs are best friends

Your new four-pawed friend will be by your side for years. And you wish it to be healthy. Here’s a good piece of news for you. Cross breeds are much healthier than pure breeds. Animal experts almost unanimously agree that due to the genetic predispositions, pure breeds are at a massive disadvantage which results in a greater chance of developing a hereditary disorder.

It is always the case? Of course not, but 7 or 8 times out of 10 your cure cross breed will live a longer and a healthier life than a pure breed.

To Save or Not to Save?

That is indeed the question. Remember that by adopting you are saving a life. Really, how bad of a friendship can it get when you start a friendship this way? You won’t regret it.

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