Which dog breed fits you best?

Since there are so many different dog breeds, it seems to be difficult to decide for the right one. Your own dog will eventually be someone with whom you spend a lot of time and everything should fit. Here the most popular dog breeds once briefly summarized for you:

Golden Retriever: Golden retrievers have long been one of the most popular dogs and they prefer to live with their owners under one roof. These dogs do not like to be left alone for too long, because otherwise they feel lonely. In part, the demand was so great that breeders were no longer able to go with more puppies. These dogs are particularly comfortable, patient and friendly. They are well suited for dealing with children as they are stress-resistant. Golden Retrievers love the water and with every possible opportunity to come into contact with this, they can hardly be stopped.

Labrador: The popularity of the Labrador has risen considerably in recent years, which is certainly due to the dog’s wide range of operational readiness. Labradors are absolute people-lovers, they are friendly, good-natured, intelligent and cuddly dogs. They can be used either as a drug tracer, rescue dog or as a blind dog. Just like the Golden Retriever, labs love the water.

Schäferhund: The shepherd is one of the most active and intelligent dogs. He can, if he has been properly trained, be a real dream dog. Shepherd dogs need a lot of attention, an employment that physically demands them and a certain discipline. If these things are not feasible, the whole situation can quickly get out of control. Too long alone left alone or neglected, shepherd dogs come to silly thoughts. For people who had no previous experience with other dogs, these dogs are not suitable.

Beagle: Beagles are very individual dogs and like to do just what they are looking for. During the upbringing of a beagle, a great deal of ambition, discipline and, if necessary, a strict hand is asked. They prefer to live in a big pack with as many other dogs as possible. The smell of a beagle is very pronounced, which is why increased attention is required as soon as an interesting odor is in the air. It can quite happen that Beagle because of it quickly times the distance search and the smell. Beagle is now only rarely used as hunting dogs. If you decide to make a Beagle the right way, it means that you can never let such a dog out without supervision.

Australian Shepherd: The Australian Shepherd is also more and more popular in Germany. These dogs are particularly good for sporty, active people a good companion. Sheppards have a lot of energy and the urge to move constantly. Unburdened dogs of this breed can quickly destroy everything that gets in their way. It has to be mentally and physically demanded and learns quickly and gladly. Australian Sheppards have a strong protective instinct, and with every little detail they will protect and defend the people who are close to them.

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